Jose Cua

Jose Cua

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First Name * Jose
Last Name * Cua
Username * cok3
Country * Singapore
Nationality Filipino
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


My interests lie mainly in character work. I've been playing video games, reading comics, and watching sci-fi moviese since forever. I slowly developed a love of art and began to draw whenever and wherever I could. I watch a lot of movies as well. I'm really interested in the art of film making and pay close attention to the cinematography. I'm obsessed with conceptually deep films such as eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, and Waking Life (which I believe to have watched around 20 times).

My professional goals include working in the CG industry as a 3d animator, concept artist, a matte painter, and eventually an art director. I long to redo my short film, "artist's block," publish a graphic novel, work on a video game, as well as work on a cg feature. I admire multitalented artists who do both 2d and 3d skills, such as Steven Stahlberg, Seb.Larroude, and Nicholas Ferrand.


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